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When you are choosing a soccer ball you're selecting the way you want to play the game. Do you go for the power and accuracy of a traditional stitched ball? Or would you rather have the control and consistency of a bonded seam?

Now there's no need to choose.

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V12 panel construction


Designers of footballs face a choice. On the one hand, they can use lots of panels. This keeps a ball stable, but adds lots of stitching, which can reduce speed. On the other hand they can keep panels to a minimum. This makes a ball more aerodynamic, but risks losing shape.

Mitre's unique V12 construction is made of just 12 panels, yet its ingenious design makes it the fastest, truest ball ever made.

The result? Maximum accuracy, without sacrificing the speed or power. A dream for outfield players, and goalkeepers too.




Every guard is a mini shock absorber. So, fundamentally, a guard is only as good as its shell.

They don't come any better than Mitre's Aircell.

This boundary-breaking technology uses three techniques to reduce the shock of the roughest tackles.

First, there's the hard surface designed to spread impact to its outer edges. Second, an EVA foam inner, which compresses slowly. Our unique Aircell shell increases airflow and breathability yet decreases weight, making these the lightest guards we've ever produced.


M-Tech Latex


In theory, the goalkeeper's glove has an impossible job. It needs to be soft and sensitive,

Like a second skin. But at the same time, it has to be resilient enough to withstand the hardest shots while protecting the fingers.

Well, Mitre likes a challenge. So our labs developed M-Tech latex.

M-Tech combines the softest fabric the goalkeeping world has ever seen with a unique outer surface of microscopic cavities. The latex gives keepers unprecedented touch and feel. At the same time, those tiny holes maximize grip and also make the fabric fantastically robust.