Mitre Futsal

Futsal is an ever expanding sport around the globe and Mitre is proud to be at the heart of the game.  We are proud to announce our partnership with the Professional Futsal League as their official ball.  

Futsal and Soccer

As the Futsal ball has low bounce qualities it spends much more time on the

floor which is excellent for development of skills and ball control. The smaller area in which the game is played demands quick decision making, movements off the ball and intensity.

Because of these characteristics, soccer coaches are starting to run Futsal sessions for juniors and even professional soccer teams. Famouse professional soccer players like Ronaldo, Juninho, Maradona, Rivelino and even the great Pele have already declared they played Futsal in their childhood.

Compared to soccer, Futsal demands more versatile players. The positions in Futsal are goalkeeper, pivot (the main defender), right flank, left flank and target (the main attacker). Despite the main role of each position, players have to perform different roles in a game because of the quick transition between attack and defense.

Futsal in as sport in its own right and if we compare it with other sports we will realize that its practice is really safe because slide tackling is not allowed. As these is limited player in the air, which causes jumping and bounding, there is less stress on the knees and ankles.

Futsal in the world

Nowadays Futsal is a sport played in more than 60 countries with professional leagues being played in many countries including Brazil, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, USA and Russia. FIFA has organized seven world cups: Netherlands/1989, Hong Kong/1992, Spain/1996, Guatemala/2000, Chinese Taipei/2004, Brazil/2008 and Thailand/2012.  The eighth FIFA Futsal World Cup will be hosted in Columbia in 2016.

FIFA has been injecting a lot of effort to develop Futsal around the world. As Futsal is such a dynamic sport, the directors of this powerful organization preview a huge popularity for the sport. They are dedicating special attention to legitimize it as an Olympic Sport.

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